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all the NFTS for future utility


Play Games - Win Prizes

How to get Prize Pool Points:

  • Play EACH of the LGF Games and track your progress on the Questboard
  • Try all the games to increase prize pool points

Using the same address

1  Game = 1 pt
5 Games = 13 pts
2 Games = 3 pts
6 Games = 17 pts
3 Games = 7 pts
7 Games = 23 pts
4 Games = 11 pts


July 15th 00:00 UTC
Get points by playing games - track them on the Questboard
July 28th 23:59 UTC
Quests close
Sometime after July 28th
Points tallied and published - giveaway drawing completed. 1 point = 1 entry.
July 31st - August 14th
If you played CLAIM the NFT on FiDi - this will hold future utility so keep it safe

Age of Chronos

Age Of Chronos is a web-based dungeon crawler that utilizes NFT 2.0 technology to provide an immersive gaming experience.


The Damned Pirate Society is a multi-chain blockchain game, mixing on-chain voyages with a 2d pixelverse. Go on voyages, find treasure and grow your fleets with the profits of your plunder.

Eco Empires

Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth is an immersive and free-to-play online RTS game that challenges your strategic thinking and decision-making skills.


Evrloot is a dark fantasy role-playing game with equippable RMRK NFTs, gorgeous artwork, and a rich lore.


Pinkdrop is a free, casual browser game designed to introduce players to the Polkadot ecosystem in a fun and interactive way


A 2D Play and Earn platformer where players must collect as many fruit as possible in a given time in a level full of enemies and traps!


Immerse yourself in the world of crypto-gaming with this thrilling play-to-earn web 3 game featuring cryptocurrency NFT collector cards.

GameFest Prize Pool

PLAY the games to earn points
1 Game = 1 pt
2 Games = 3 pts
3 Games = 7 pts
4 Games = 11 points
5 Games = 13 pts
6 Games = 17 pts
7 Games = 23 pts
1 point = 1 entry
You have a chance to win:

  • 1 of 12 $200 USDC prizes

In addition:

  • Only 1 award max per address regardless of number of entries
  • Addresses must complete the in-game qualifying event to be eligible. These will be listed on AirLyft.

GameFest FAQ

What is July GameFest?
July GameFest is a refreshed event designed for easy participation and fun. After a short break following April is PINK we introduced MOONIE, our official mascot, to add some excitement. Just play the games, complete the qualifying tasks, and earn points to win prizes.
Do I have to use the Questboard or can I just play?
You should use the Questboard as your main hub. Here, you will find links to the monthly games and the specific rules for earning points. For GameFest, we're using AirLyft for the Questboard.
What are qualifying plays?
To earn points, you need to complete specific tasks for each game. These tasks might be simple, like "Log in and complete one game session," or more specific, like "Visit the tavern and talk to the barkeep." All details will be on the AirLyft Questboard, and the gaming teams will report back on the addresses that completed the tasks.


I thought I had a qualifying play, but my address isn't showing up. What gives?
At the end of the event, we collect the addresses from the games that completed the qualifying tasks. We then tally the results and apply any boosters earned by playing more games with the same address. The points earned will be posted at the end of the event. If you think there's a mistake, reach out to the game you believe is missing. If they confirm it was missed, we'll update it as long as it's before the deadline.
Do I need to claim the NFT at the end of the event?
If you enjoy gaming or winning prizes, claiming the NFT is a good idea as it will have future benefits. You won't be able to claim it when the claim period ends. MOONIE.


Did stakers get extra chances to win prizes? What happened with that?
We found that most stakers of participating collators didn't engage with LGF (less than 0.02%). Therefore, the staking requirement was removed to make it easier for everyone to join in the fun.
I have more questions, what should i do?
You can ask questions and meet other gamers at our festival meetup tent in the Telegram Group, MOONIE and the festival team will be there to help you.


The Lunar gaming festival is a community initiative brought to you by independent games in Moonbeam ecosystem; and is built on and powered by the MOONBEAM NETWORK.

Festival Partners:

FIDI Delegator Registration and Reward Analytics
AIRLYFT Festival NFT Claiming and Quests

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